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Posted By: Donuel
26-Aug-20 - 05:25 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
I mentioned the pilot wave phenomenon regarding quantum strangenss that traces a future course and motion - the total opposite of the wake behind a boat.
pilot waves you can see pushing a particle.

Another view over time
If you will, we are a surfing in an ocean of time.


The investigation of dynamical systems has revealed a deep-rooted difference between waves and objects regarding temporal reversibility and particlelike objects. In nondissipative chaos, the dynamic of waves always remains time reversible, unlike that of particles. Here, we explore the dynamics of a wave-particle entity. It consists in a drop bouncing on a vibrated liquid bath, self-propelled and piloted by the surface waves it generates. This walker, in which there is an information exchange between the particle and the wave, can be analyzed in terms of a Turing machine with waves as the information repository. The experiments reveal that in this system, the drop can read information backwards while erasing it. The drop can thus backtrack on its previous trajectory. A transient temporal reversibility, restricted to the drop motion, is obtained in spite of the system being both dissipative and chaotic.

With a little imagination you may see why I believe in a 3D model of time on a quantum scale.

Since I was 14 I always wanted know why the 2 slit experiment suggested a particle wave at 2 places at once. I'm glad to 'SEE' a clear cut answer. This news is 10 years old in the visual experiment and the de Broglio theory is 100 years old, so its not like gravity waves being discovered.

I have even done this in my kitchen. Just like this guy