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Posted By: Donuel
01-Sep-20 - 07:19 AM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
The western and mid western right wing militias are now in competition with each other. Some ride in pick up truck beds shooting mace and paintball guns into demonstrators. Some show up with live ammo. They are defending themselves and Trump, their excuser and chief.
Escalation will culminate in intensifying a fear of going to the polls. Militas are correct in assuming they have most police on their side. The use of the term civil war is discouraged and it is said that we are a country at war with itself. More blood may be shed as the election draws closer and Trump throws more troops into Portland and Chicago. It maybe won't be as bad as I think but it could make Trump President for four more years as more nazi like folk heros are created and memorialized while ignoring the dead mad crazy democrats and blacks. At least strategists like Steve Miller, McConnel, Bannon and Trump probably hope so.

Yesterday I watched from my parked car as a policeman in a cruiser detained an apparant exhausted vagrant and homeless black man and called for back up of two more police vehicles. There was no search or abuse that I witnessed but I did not not approach or obstruct the police and left early. There was simply the appearance and fear by the police. Even a firetruck showed up but soon left the scene. I feel like things are on a hair trigger. Perhaps it was just a humanitarian call to help the black man? If you didn't know, the police can now call paramedics to administer 500 mg of Ketamine to suspects. It has been fatal to small people but only renders larger people unconscious.
Things are moving just slow enough that Americans are getting used to it. It remains that Trump is the only one calling balls and strikes be it about violence or the pandemic. I guess I don't trust Trump to be Umpire and Chief.