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Posted By: Naemanson
27-Feb-01 - 07:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: School Pranks?
Subject: RE: BS: School Pranks?
Matt, Lesson Number One in practical jokes is that you rarely do it to someone you don't like. The target should be a friend. So if you like your teachers you should go right out and put chewing gum on those doorbells. *BG*

I don't have any stories from school. But I do have one from work. I am guilty of pulling the all time long distance joke of all time (with the exception of any pulled during the space program)

Several years ago we successfully finished a difficult construction project and my boss, a Navy lieutenant, was required to provide a detailed report for the Pacific Division's headquarters. He was forced to leave Maine in February and travel to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to do this.

Now, our office was at the height of our practical joke period. In the morning you had to approach your door with all the caution of a bomb squad. Dot-mines were common. You would open your door and be showered with paper dots. At one point the boss had been kicked out of a camp ground in Rhode Island. When he came in to work after that vacation he found his office had been transformed into a campsite complete with pine boughs, a dome tent, and a fire place with cooking gear.

Anyway, he headed out for Hawaii on a Saturday. Before he left he visited the office and wreaked havoc on my area. The chair was affixed to my desk, one drawer was screwed shut, every book had been liberally sprinkled with dots, epoxy cement had been poured into my pencil container, and there was a dot-mine over my door.

The piece de resistence took place on Thursday. I had a pair of shoes I kept in the office. On Thursday they were nailed to the floor. When I finally got them up there was a note underneath IN THE BOSS' HANDWRITING. I was impressed. It was a long distance joke that I had to repay.

My vengeance is another tale.