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Posted By: The Sandman
08-Sep-20 - 03:02 AM
Thread Name: The Irregularity of Peter Bellamy
Subject: RE: The Irregularity of Peter Bellamy
i disagree, his attitude was often taken the wrong way by people and i am sure was one of the reasons he did not get more bookings, getting work is not, just about talent or hassling people[as nick dow suggested earlier], a lot of Organisers do not like being hassled.
I knew quite a lot of people who thought Peter was arrogant., [i think his appearance of was insecurity arrogance.
John Mackenzie gave a perfect example of Peters behaviour that was typical and which got up a lot of peoples noses
In fact, when i was running Bury Folk Club I received a number of calls from him and i had a conversation with him in which he asked me about his new publicity.
I said to him that it gave the impression of big headedness, he rplied that everything he said on his publicity was true, but English people at that time generally preferred people who were modest about their talent.
I did give him a gig ,but it was to me an illuminating conversation,and i believe sadly, that Peters charcter as it was perceieved by many who did not know him well was a contributory reason for his lack of gigs .
i knew people who regularly went to folk clubs who would stay away if he was booked and for various reasons did not like him, reasons such as perceived arrogance and singing style there were others of course but in my experience a minority who liked him.
Southern Rags cariacture of him as Elmer P Bleaty did him no favours., it may have been meant as a joke but often that sort of puerile joke is perceived by those who dislike the perfomer as reinforcement of his image