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Posted By: Waddon Pete
09-Sep-20 - 06:49 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Rigs o' Rye / Two Rigs of Rye
Subject: RE: Origins: Rigs o' Rye / Two Rigs of Rye
Joe asked me to post the lyrics of my version of Rigs of Rye that I sang at the Mudcat Singaround. I give no apology for these words as I learned them from a very good friend by osmosis! He used to sing the song regularly and when he died I found that the words were all there without the need to sit down and learn them. When you take part in sessions with the same friends for 20 years or so, such things can happen!

Rigs of Rye

‘Twas in the month of sweet July, just as the sun had tipped the sky
That I sat between two rigs of rye and heard two lovers talking.

The young man said, “Love, I must away. I fear I can no longer stay.
But there’s some words that I must say if you’ve the time to tarry.”

“Your father of you he takes great care. Your mother combs down your golden hair, but your sister says you’ll get no share if you go with me, a stranger.”

“Oh, let my father fret and my mother grieve, my sister’s words I do disown.
If they were dead, lying in their graves, I’d still go with you, a stranger.”

“Ah, but lassie, lassie your fortune’s small and soon it will be none at all
I fear you are no match for me. I think I’ll seek for another.”

Then the lassie’s courage began to fail, her features they grew wan and pale
And her tears came trinkling down like hail, or a sudden storm in the summer.

Then he’s taken his handkerchief of linen fine and he’s kissed her then and he’s wiped her eyes, saying lassie, lassie I will be thine! I only said that to try you!

Then this young man of courage bold, he being just 19 years of age
He’s made the mountains and valleys ring and they’ve gone away together.

This couple they are married now and they have babies one and two.
They live in Brechin the winter long and Montrose in the summer.

‘Twas in the month of sweet July, Just as the sun had tipped the sky,
That I sat between to rigs of rye and heard to lovers talking.

RIP Dave