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Posted By: Steve Shaw
15-Sep-20 - 08:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Subject: RE: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Maggie, he called me a dangerous mask-denier.

I have complied with every mask requirement for many weeks. I have a large supply of masks at the ready in my car wherever I go. I pester all my family to ensure that they always have masks at the ready. I would never break the mask rules. Or encourage anyone else to do so. I do question the efficacy of wearing masks, true, but I do not encourage mask rebellion in the slightest. Yes, I have confronted Donuel about his serial misinformation on a number of occasions in recent times, in threads in which I take an interest. I have always done that in a measured way, I can fully justify every criticism of him that I make (try asking me), and I have no interest in following him around on topics in which I have no interest. Please do not pull me up for "stalking" when I have just defended myself against blatant misrepresentation.

You criticised me very publicly. You are not always right. I have responded equally publicly. You could have done this via PM, and I would have responded civilly in the same vein, but you chose not to. I fully accept that I may have gone for Donuel's jugular a few times too often (though you do appear not to have noticed his trolling needling). If you decide to delete this, as is your right, I would ask you to also delete your post accusing me of stalking this vexatious man. If you don't, be assured that this post will remain in my archive.