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Posted By: Richard Mellish
17-Sep-20 - 06:43 AM
Thread Name: Phrasing and rhyming
Subject: Phrasing and rhyming
The process of learning a song typically takes the words and the tune together, which is fine as that is the nature of song. But sometimes the song gets so well lodged in the brain as a single entity that the singer delivers it parrot-fashion without giving enough (or any) attention to the words.

Consider the song Searching for Lambs and the line "Long time I have been waiting for the coming of my dear".

At least within my experience, that line is always sung as "Long time I have been waiting for" (pause) "the coming of my dear". Granted the whole phrase isn't quite how it would be said in ordinary speech, but if you were speaking those words a more natural place for a break would be between "waiting" and "for".

I have just commented on another instance in another thread, and that has reminded me to post this as a general comment.

In some other songs a significant pause in the melody may more or less force a pause at that point in the singing, regardless of the sense, but that doesn't apply here.

And another thing:

The word "again" can be pronounced as spelt or as "agenn". Sometimes in a song it comes at the end of a line and another line ends with a word that rhymes with one or the other, such as "pen" or "pain". More often than not, I hear singers use the pronunciation of "again" that doesn't rhyme.