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Posted By: leeneia
22-Sep-20 - 07:12 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Musical instrument not needing dexterity
Subject: RE: Tech: Musical instrument not needing dexterity
Mountain dulcimer has been mentioned. I play this instrument.

You might be able to play this if you tune it D-A-A, which is the arrangement with the easiest chords. I have two suggestions:

1) If you have limited funds, start asking people to lend you one. There's probably one sitting under a bed somewhere.

2) Meanwhile, start watching videos of people playing dulcimer, all tunings. See which fingers they use, how they move, how strong their hands need to be.

3) Get a book that covers DAA. It's easier, and it's also warmer and mellower. I like it.

You can search this on YouTube:

mountain dulcimer DAA

and get videos specific to that tuning.