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Posted By: Pappy Fiddle
23-Sep-20 - 09:46 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Musical instrument not needing dexterity
Subject: RE: Tech: Musical instrument not needing dexterity
I modified a slide whistle. It had a shape like this:

O--===========> blow here

and I cut off the finger ring at the end and glued on another wire bent like this:

/    _ _ _ _

Finally I wrapped rubber bands around the tube so as to give some tactile indexes (shown as short lines).

On my screen this ASCII art is not working very well, copy and paste it into a text editor of some kind with fixed spacing font like Courier.

So instead of hunting for a note I can go right to it. I would guess you could play this. One hand holds the whistle tube steady and the other hand works the wire. I think I got the whistle at a dollar store maybe. It's actually a pretty cool instrument whether handicapped or not