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27-Sep-20 - 04:03 AM
Thread Name: Add: Advice to the Bride / Conseils a la mariee
Subject: RE: Add: Advice to the Bride/Conseils a la mariee
Translation of the song in the 2nd post. It's not singable, it's just what it means.
Note that the original lyrics address the bride as "Madame la mariée", literally "Mrs/Madam (the) bride" that Diplocase translated as "Bonny bride" -that I retained- and the groom as "Monsieur le marié", literally "Mr (the) groom" that I translated as "nice groom".

Here we are, gone down
From these villages.
Here we are, gathered to make a wedding.
They are sweet and happy, here are them both,
They have a happy heart, they're here for a long time.

Don't you remember,
Bonny bride, [lit. "Mrs the bride"]
Don't you remember that we tied you,
With a gold tie that lasts till death,
With a silver tie that lasts very long?

Don't you remember
What the priest said?
He said the truth as it has to be:
Faithful to your husband, to love him as yourself,
Faithful to your lover, to love him tenderly.

When they say one's husband
They often say "one's master",
Men are not sweet as they promised they'd be:
Faithful, they promised, for the rest of their lives,
Faithful, they promised, but very much they lied!

Here are for you these flowers, bonny bride,
Here are for you these flowers, take them and look!
It's to let you know, also to let you acknowledge
That all your fine colors will wither like these flowers.

[variant of the foregoing verse:
Here are for you this bunch of flowers
That we've come to offer you:
It's made of brooms
To let you understand, also to let you know
That all vane honors
Pass like flowers.]

Here are for you these cakes, bonny bride!
Here are for you these cakes, take and eat!
It's to let you know, also to let you acknowledge
That to eat them, you'll have to earn them!

[Variant of the foregoing verse:
Here is for you this cake
That my hand shows you.
It's made so that
you understand
That you must, to get fed,
Work and suffer.]

Farewell Chateaubriande, my father's castle
Where I was raised, eating well,
Farewell pleasures and joys of a child such as me,
Farewell my liberty, we must speak of it no more.

[omitted from translation:
If you have, Bretons,
Oxen in your meadows,
Ewes, sheep, wild little birds,
you must advise them to better remember.
Think, evening and morning, that they too are hungry.]

You'll no longer go to dance,
Bonny bride,
You'll no longer go to the balls, to the balls and gatherings.
You'll stay and watch, while I will go,
You'll keep the house, my dear little heart!

Alternate version of the 1st verse
Nous somm's venus vous voir du fond de not' village,
Pour souhaiter ce soir un heureux mariage
À monsieur votre époux aussi bien comme à vous.
We've come to see you from the end of our village
To wish you tonight, a happy wedding
To your husband and to you as well.

Alternate version of the last verse
Vous n'irez plus au bal, madame la mariée,
Danser sous le fanal, dans les jeux d'assemblée,
Vous gard'rez la maison tandis que nous irons*.
You'll no longer go to the ball, bonny bride,
To dance under the lantern, in the gathering games.
You'll keep the house / You'll stay in the house while we'll go.
*Or "À bercer le poupon."   (A-rocking the baby.).