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Posted By: keberoxu
27-Sep-20 - 12:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: the word 'biff'
Subject: Folklore: the word 'biff'
Much is being made below the line about
the word "biff." in informal English usage.

Others are free to post their opinions here about "biff",
its origins, its meaning,
and how outdated it is.

This opening post documents a specific usage of the word,
emphasizing how long ago this literature was published.

"Take that (biff) !
Ye'd be afther sthalin' a poor lone widdy's goat, would yez?
Ye'd be afther taking
me only comfort in me ould age, would yez?
An' whirra! whirra! ye yeller bellied thafe (biff)!
I'll tach ye, bedad, to come nosing around
afther other people's property, so I will!
Take that, now,
yer cross-eyed, pug-nosed pirate."
(Biff, biff, biff.)

-- from "Mrs. Maloney's Goat,"
Scrapes of Farmer Skoopendyke,
1880, New York: M. J. Ivers & Co.
No author identified.