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Posted By: Vic Smith
02-Oct-20 - 09:39 AM
Thread Name: Recent Updates Sussex Traditions database
Subject: RE: Recent Updates Sussex Traditions database
Richard wrote:-
Page 2 of the Gordon Hall results includes two songs from Mrs(?) Gates.
Again, Richard, it's the way standard databases work. If you search for Gordon Hall the search will locate every reference to that name and the details of Mrs Gates include:-

    Roud number18910
    PerformerGates, Mrs. (?)
    Place Sussex, England
    Source Copy of Arthur Gates cassette via Gordon Hall
    Broad CategorySong
    FormatSound recording

If for example you were to search for my name there would be none of me performing but lots of articles that I have written or recordings that I have made of Sussex Traditional performers.

And the second song on page 3, "King and keeper" links to the same recording as the previous song, Sussex Molecatcher.

You are right and Gordon's habit of running one song into another - of which this is a good example - make him a cataloguer's nightmare. We cannot succssfully split the recording into two parts so we have had to give it more than one reference to enable those searching for a particular song to find either.