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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
16-Oct-20 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Agreed on that.

I didn't watch either event last night. I've already voted, I don't need to make up my mind (and there was never any consideration of Trump ever).

The trouble with people speculating about what he might or might not do is that these folks give him ideas. I wish everyone would shut up and just hunker down till this is completely finished.

I think Biden is going to have to add two more justices to the Supreme court after McConnell is out of power. And Biden is going to have to codify in law a number of things that the Supreme Court decreed that are slowly being chipped away - the most conspicuous are marriage equality and the right to abortion. Once they're laws, the Supreme Court is out of that (for a while, anyway). And they'll need to do it within the first two years if the Democrats sweep the house, senate, and presidency. The "blue dog" Democrats threw a spanner in the works when Obama was first elected, those individuals elected in Republican areas who are determined to hold onto their jobs by going against everything the party is working on the keep their bases happy. Someone will need to take them aside and explain the concept of "greater good."

Did anyone listen to the Barrett hearings when Senator Whitehouse illustrated, very carefully, how the Federalist Society has been supported by a few huge donors and how they move people around but still end up with the same results - that 80 out of 80 decisions that these donors wanted were agreed to, 5-4, by the Supreme Court? I'll have to see if his half-hour was recorded somewhere and post a link. It was a real education.