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Posted By: Donuel
21-Oct-20 - 08:28 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
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This is not your typical tweedle dee or tweedledumb choice this election. It is more like his excellency Dungmold J Trounce vs. citizen Joey. Ignorant bullies will unite behind their like minded Fuerer. Yes this includes police who were drawn to the bully force in the first place. I have heard a Police Captain in an unguarded moment and he sounded like a mini Turdp and confused insult with power. We have seen a rethinking of our civil war and its monuments. Trump will not be forgotten but will become a martyr for terrorists as long as the 1865 civil war rememberance and will remind the haters how close they got to a 4th Reich. Its not over for a long time and the past has not passed.

Stream of consciousness; I do more than parrot facts. I can do parody, editorializing, opinion, historical resemblance (but not as good as Rap) , epic cartoons and fail at jokes where BWL excels. This confuses folks keb. It burns Joe O's toast but thats the way the kook e-crumbles. If it is a straight up humorous take I sometimes label it with :^/ In these grim times I often give a smirk version of facts but that is not in any way misinformaion. Other things are too subtle to label.
Unless new rules will require all posts must be footnoted, communication will be truncated. Then there are people like Maggie who naturally get it. Like discussing science it has to be predicated on a whole list of pre existing knowledge and shared truths.