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Thread Name: Folklore: city that sank into the sea
Subject: RE: Folklore: city that sank into the sea

Cromer (Norfolk) - Off coast Type: Legend Date / Time: Weather Dependent: Prior to storm
The church of Saint Peter is reputed to exist off the coast of Cromer, where a town called Shipden once stood before being taken by the sea. The church bells could be heard ringing just prior to a storm.

Dunwich (Suffolk) - Coastline Haunting Manifestation
Once a busy port town, sea erosion has reduced this location to only a few dozen houses. The church that once stood on the cliffs has been washed out to sea, and it is said the bells still ring on still moonless nights. Divers exploring the ruins of the old town that once stood on the cliffs have often reported a strange feeling that they are not alone under the sea.

Ellesmere (Shropshire) - Colemere (aka Cole Mere, aka Crose Mere, aka Crosmere) lake Legend Date / Time: 21 May (reoccurring)
Sunken bells on a long forgotten chapel can still be heard ringing from the mere. One version of the story says they ring to mock Oliver Cromwell, who pulled down the church, while another version say they ring on St Helen's day, the patron saint of the chapel.

Evesham (Hereford & Worcester) - River Type: Legend Date / Time: 24 December (reoccurring)
Hidden in the river when the local abbey was closed for business in 1539, the silver bells still sing their song around Christmas.

Felixstowe (Suffolk) - Coast off Old Felixstowe Type: Legend Date / Time: Circa nineteenth century
It was believed that the bells from sunken churches could be heard ringing off the coast here.

Ferryside (Dyfed) - Estuary Type: Legend Date / Time: Unknown
An ancient village is submerged under these waters, and sometimes the toiling of the old church bell can be heard from within the estuary.

Forrabury (Cornwall) - Off coast Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Unknown
These bells can sometimes still be heard to peal - they were lost as the ship due to deliver them sank just off the coast.

Hayling Island (Hampshire) - Off the south coast Type: Legend Date / Time: Unknown
The sound of sunken bells is said still to be heard coming from the sea.

Kenfig (Mid Glamorgan) - Kenfig Pool Type: Legend Date / Time: Pool still present
Legend says that the pool covers a lost town from which one can still hear the church bells ringing on stormy nights. The truth is likely to be based on the nearby town of Kenfig being lost to shifting sands during the sixteenth century. Other local legends say that the pool is bottomless and that a whirlpool pulls unsuspecting swimmers to their deaths.

Llangorse Lake (Powys) Type: Environmental Manifestation Date / Time: Holy Days (reoccurring)
A cathedral once stood in this spot before it was flooded - the tower bells now ring out on select days of the year.

Marden (Hereford & Worcester) - Marden Pool Type: Legend Date / Time: Unknown
Both the sounds of bells and singing can be heard coming from this small body of water.

Marden (Hereford & Worcester) - River Lugg Type: Legend Date / Time: Unknown
An accident sent a church bell into the waters of the local river - a passing mermaid took the opportunity to steal the bell and can sometimes be heard ringing it.

Nigg (Highland) - Nigg Bay Type: Legend Date / Time: Unknown
The gentle peals of a bell are said to emerge from under the bay's waters.

Penzance (Cornwall) - Beach and sea, Mount's Bay Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Unknown
A married woman fell in love with a young sailor. Rather than undergo lengthy and unfavourable divorce proceedings, the woman murdered her husband. Not long after, she was arrested, and while awaiting trial, the woman and the sailor promised to marry regardless of the outcome. The woman’s court appearance was brief; she was found guilty and quickly hanged. The sailor returned to work on his fishing boat and one night shortly after her death, the crew watched him jump into the sea. Even though his body was never found, the sailor’s voice would be occasionally heard in the area whispering, 'I will...'. There are also reports of phantom bells that still peal under the sea.

Rostherne Mere (Cheshire) Type: Cryptozoology Date / Time: Easter Sunday (reoccurring)
Her reasons unknown, this mermaid returns once a year to ring a bell hidden deep underwater and sing.

Shrewsbury (Shropshire) - Bomere Pool Type: Legend Date / Time: 24 December (reoccurring)
Several stories surround this pool. In one, a village once stood here, but the villagers mocked God, He sent forth a storm that flooded the area. The church bell can now be heard pealing once a year.

St Annes on Sea (Lancashire) - Off Coast Type: Legend Date / Time: Unknown
The ringing of church bells from a church taken by the sea many years ago can be heard prior to a storm.

St David's (Dyfed) - Cathedral and Whitesand Bay Type: Legend Date / Time: Weather Dependent: Before stormy weather
The largest bell was stolen from the building by imps disguised as men and transported out to sea where it was dropped into the Whitesand Bay. The bell still rings just before a storm, as a warning to nearby fishermen to return home.

St Ives (Cornwall) - St Ives Head Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: Unknown
This old ship has been reported off the coast many times. It is also believed that before the Neptune sunk here, the area was haunted by another unnamed ghost ship. Phantom bells have also been reported coming from the deep waters.

Swansea (West Glamorgan) - Crumlyn Lake (aka Llyn Crymlyn), now Crymlyn Bog Type: Fairy Date / Time: Unknown
A fairy maiden was said to live in the waters of this lake. It was also said a large town once stood here but it was swallowed by the lake (after the locals insulted Saint Patrick) and then used by the fairies to contract their kingdom. A slight variation says the fairies were once the townsfolk before they were submerged. Bells could occasionally be heard coming from the water.

Walton-on-the-Naze (Essex) - Off coast Type: Unknown Ghost Date / Time: Weather Dependent: Before a Storm
The church at Walton was taken by the sea in the late 1790's, and now its bells warn of incoming storms. The church is said to have reappeared briefly in 1928.