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Posted By: Stewie
26-Oct-20 - 08:49 PM
Thread Name: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
Subject: RE: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
(Rob Fairbairn)

Remember Port Melbourne on Saturday night
At the pub that they call Molly Bloom's
Remember the sailors, the drunks and the fights
And the band at the end of the room
And do you remember the first time we met
You soon had me under your spell
It was one of those moments I'll never forget
Oh yes, I remember it well

They sang 'Waltzing Matilda', they played 'The Wild Rover'
Pat Reilly and Molly Malone they were there
The band kept singing it over and over
Oh don't you remember, my dear

Old Gentleman Jim had his place by the bar
A silver-topped cane in his hand
Big Eddie he borrowed the singer's guitar
And he strummed out 'The Black Velvet Band'
We were lost in the music, swept up by the sound
We knew all the words to the songs
When the man on the banjo sang 'Rain Tumbles Down'
The whole of the bar sang along

I met you at Molly's on Saturday night
I was nervous and shy, you were young
So I went to the bar and I bought us a pint
And the alcohol loosened our tongues
We spoke of the present, we honoured the past
The words began flowing like wine
We savoured each moment like it was the last
While the band played along all the time

Last Chorus:
The sang 'Waltzing Matilda', the played 'The Wild Rover'
Ned Kelly and Henry and Banjo were there
The band kept on singing it over and over
Oh don't you remember, my dear

From Loaded Dog 'A Coastline Facing West'.

I just found a web page where Loaded Dog songs can be heard. Listen here:

Remember Port Melbourne