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Posted By: Jack Campin
28-Oct-20 - 12:58 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: city that sank into the sea
Subject: RE: Folklore: city that sank into the sea
The biggest examples are both pre-literate - the vast low-lying land that once connected the islands of south-east Asia and the France-sized taiga country of Beringia which once linked Asia and North America. Both drowned by rising sea levels in the Mesolithic.

Beringia is interesting because we now know what happened to its inhabitants: they fled in both directions, taking their extraordinary polysynthetic language with them. The largest surviving group of their descendants is the Navaho. In the other direction, the only survivors are the Ket, living a hunter-gatherer existence until very recently, along the Yenisei in the middle of Siberia. The relationships between their languages have been worked out in detail: they still have common words and similar grammar after 14,000 years.