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Posted By: Rich(bodhránai gan ciall)
28-Feb-01 - 12:06 AM
Thread Name: Tuning up jokes
Subject: RE: Tuning up jokes
The best I ever heard was Robin and Linda Williams. "The problem is she's deaf and she tunes by sight. HOW DO THEY LOOK, DEAR?"

Or I just saw John Jackson start a set with "Well let's see I tuned it last week and I hope it's in tune this week."

I saw Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill 2 years ago. They opened with the 12 minute set from "The Lonesome Touch" that ends with Toss the Feathers, and then Martin rattled off the names of all 5 tunes and added "and we're nearly in tune. I'd blame it on the weather here (rain) but this fiddle is from West Clare where we get boatlands of rain even for Ireland.........and now we live in Seattle." he pokes around for a minute and finally says "If you'll just bear with me, I'm afraid if I try to be slick and talk while I tune, I'll never actually tune."

A friend of mine that I used to play with used to make all kinds of cracks about "he spent an obscene amount of $$$ for a tuneable bodhrán and he's gonna tune it. Let's all pretend like we can hear a difference"