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Thread Name: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
Subject: RE: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia

Stan Hugill's (one of many variants)

Ye rambling boys of Liverpool, I'll have ye to beware,
'Tis when ye go a-hunting wid yer dog, yer gun, yer snare,
Watch out for the game-keepers, keep your dog at your command
Just think on all them hardships, goin' to Van Diemen's Land.

We had two Irish lads on board, Mickey Murphy an' Paddy Malone,
And they were both the stoutest friends that ever a man could own.
But the gamekeeper he'd caught them, and from ol' England's strand
They were seven years transported for to plough Van Diemen's Land.

We had on board a lady fair, Bridget Reilly wuz her name,
An' she wuz sent from Liverpool for a-playin' of the game.
Our captain fell in love wid her and he married her out of hand,
And she gave us all good usage, boys, goin' to Van Diemen's Land.

The moment that we landed there, upon that fatal shore,
The planters they inspected us, some fifty score or more,
Then they marched us off like hosses, an' they sold us out of hand,
They yoked us to the plough, me boys, for to plough Van Diemen's Land.

As I lay in me bunk one night, a dreamin' all alone,
I dreamt I wuz in Liverpool, 'way back in Marybone,
Wid me own true love beside me, an' a jug o' ale in me hand
Then awoke so broken-hearted, lyin' on Van Diemen's Land.

Lyrics taken from the Mainly Norfolk site.

This Antipodean penal colony, just one of many overseas dumping grounds for the British Govt, was renamed from Abel Tasman’s “Van Diemen’s Land” to Tasmania in 1856, along with gaining “responsible self govt” and eventually became Australia’s island state at Federation, in 1901. Transportation was abolished in 1852, but Port Arthur was open until 1877.

Sung here by the late Marian Henderson :    Here’s one by Alex Hood (includes old pics)

This one’s a Scouse recitation, with rather disturbing visuals!!

Van Diemen’s Land has become a popular songwriting and film-making subject and other songs of this title were found by Australia’s Russell Morris, U2’s The Edge, and Aussie blues guitar legend Jeff Lang. I’m sure there’s more.

Cheers, R-J

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