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Posted By: Barbara
07-Oct-98 - 08:25 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Messing About on the River
Subject: RE: messing about on the river
Mike, I was born in Michigan, and live in Oregon, but I suspect it's the same Ratty. Didn't he say something like "There is nothing half as good (or some other superlative) as simply messing about on the river"?
I could go look it up, but that would be cheating, and yes, it's Wind in the Willows, and would it surprise you to know a series of Wallace and Grommit videos live in our house? Someone who was the friend of someone many times removed videotaped them off of the telly, and they gradually made their way - copy by pirated copy - to us.
And speaking of the other side of the world and arcane literature, if any of you folks from Oz could put me on to a source of Footrot Flats books, there's another Wallace I'd like to have more of in my collection.
PS Haven't yet found any Wendsleydale to try, tho. May have to go to the moon.