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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
15-Nov-20 - 10:05 PM
Thread Name: Vietnam era protest songs
from Singabout, Journal of Australian Folksong 6(1), 1966, page 18

(John Dengate)
A new song sent in by John Dengate who says it is sung to the tune of Frankie and Johnnie.

Take your Armalite rifles, take your poison gas,
Take your napalm rockets and stick them in your trash,
Old Ho Chi Minh, he knows he's going to win.

Remember when Indo China used to belong to France,
The Foreign Legion fought for its life, but it didn't stand Buckley's chance,
At Den Bien Phu, and you know its true.

Yanks say 'Heavens to Betsy, Reds are at it again,
Must save South Vietnam, send three quarters of a million men.'
Old Ho Chi Minh, he's got a big wide grin.

You can hammer away at Hanoi, he's ready to pay the price,
Because he knows a Saigon prostitute's no substitute for rice -
Takes it on the chin, does Ho Chi Minh.

Air Marshal Ky is righteous, Air Marshal Ky is good,
Air Marshal Ky can fly away and the Buddhists wish he would,
And at Da Nang, that's the song they sang.

Don't hold a demonstration, don't start an awful din,
Don't sing disloyal disruptive songs in praise of awful Ho Chi Minh,
And don't deplore, Vietnam's lovely war.