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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
22-Nov-20 - 03:00 AM
Thread Name: Tech: How to disable sign language on iplayer?
Subject: RE: Tech: How to disable sign language on iplayer?
ok.. seeing as anonymous GUEST white knights are on the prowl
looking for causes to champion,
and folks to be offended on behalf of...

Why should deaf folks feel so entitled
to have signers on pre-recorded news and entertainment programs hogging so much of the screen image,
shrinking the size of the actual videos,
while expecting the rest of us to be too guilted by threat of abuse,
to openly complain...???

Why can't they compromise and at least settle for perfectly adequate sub titles...?????

There may be a case for still signing live broadcasts
if the on screen signing is more accurate in real time
than speech to text,
But technology is always improving...

I'm personally fed up with recording TV and downloaded catchup
when the distracting signer obtrudes on screen,
but there is no option remaining
to find available unsigned versions of these programs.

If I become deaf, I'll want subtitles..
Surely most deaf folks can read..

.. and before some internet warrior accuses me of being deafist,
I will more than likely lose my hearing as I get older.
I've had life changing hearing problems and surgery
since my 20s...