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Posted By: Bill D
22-Nov-20 - 11:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: The weird year that was 2020
Subject: RE: BS: The weird year that was 2020
"Americans allegedly speak the ENGLISH language"

Yep.. 'English' is a convenient term for what we and many others speak around the world. It is a descriptive way to indicate a common origin, but not a **prescriptive** term to castigate those who don't spell & pronounce it exactly like you do.
I have remarked before, in an attempt at ...ummm... humor...that we poor colonists had to be thrifty and succinct as we established newspapers...etc. Just look at the $$$ we have saved in metal type ... and now in ink by eliminating all those extraneous u's that add nothing to the pronunciation ;>)!
   Ebbie made a point above about scholarly debates as to the origin of your favored spellings and pronunciation... but *shrug* we don't carry on a campaign to suggest that you ought to revert:
see here:

"Early Modern English – the language used by William Shakespeare – is dated from around 1500. It incorporated many Renaissance-era loans from Latin and Ancient Greek, as well as borrowings from other European languages, including French, German and Dutch. Significant pronunciation changes in this period included the ongoing Great Vowel Shift, which affected the qualities of most long vowels. Modern English proper, similar in most respects to that spoken today, was in place by the late 17th century."

No matter.. we are pretty stubborn over here, and we, as well as you, have immigrant speakers who stretch the norms to the breaking point sometimes.

"You say toMAto and I say toMAHto...lets call the whole thing off."