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Posted By: Jack Campin
22-Nov-20 - 08:29 PM
Thread Name: Vietnam era protest songs
Subject: RE: Vietnam era protest songs
I could never summon up any interest in this stuff. Who cares if some ineffectual fraction of a nation of mass murderers gets a minor attack of principles?   Or if some of the killers get fucked up for life by participating? It's like one of those books that asks you to care about the abusive childhood of a serial killer.

What I would have liked to hear about was what the people of south-east Asia had to say about their experience of decades of murder, destruction and degradation at the hands of the Americans. If these "protest" singers had had a scrap of principle they would have just shut the fuck up until the Vietnamese had got the chance to speak in their own voice. And that NEVER happened.   Not one of those posers put their career second to the real issue.