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22-Nov-20 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Annachie Gordon
Subject: RE: Origins: Annachie Gordon
Aunt Molly Jackson of Eastern Kentucky did a version of this song under the name Archie D. The tune is completely different from the one used today. I imagine there are not many American versions under the name Annachie though.

Archie D, Child 239 Anachie Gordon

Archie, D was beautiful, and easy, on the eye
He tempted, all the women, they could not, pass him by
He tempted, every woman, Just as, he tempted me
I’ll die if, I don’t get, my love, Archie D
Up spake, her old father, as he walked, by the door
Oh Jean, you’re a-playing, the tricks of, a whore

You are caring, for a man, that cares little, for thee
You must marry, Bill Shelton, and forget, Archie D
To marry, Bill Shelton, I’d rather, be dead
I’d rather marry, my Archie, and beg, for my bread
Oh Jean, you are foolish, you don’t understand
Bill Shelton, has money, and a lot of, free land

You’ll have money, for yourself Jean, and land and money, to give me
But you’ll never, have nothing, if you marry, Archie D
But I love Archie, and Archie he loves me
I’ll die if I don’t get, my love Archie D
Then up spoke her father, he spake in renown
Saying cheer up my daughter, get on your wedding gown

Go marry Bill Shelton, for ten thousand pounds
Oh cheer up my darling, and get on your wedding gown
Get ready my daughter, and go to town with me
And marry Bill Shelton, And forget this Archie D
I’ll marry no man, but my love Archie D
For I dearly love Archie, and I know he loves me

Yes I dearly love Archie, and I know he loves me
I’ll die if I don’t get, my love Archie D
Jean stepped in her chambers, and closed up her door
Saying farewell dear father, you shall see me no more
Archie may be drownded, in the blue briny sea
I’ll die if I don’t get, my love Archie D

I’m sure I can never, be Archie D’s wife
So I have decided, to end my own life
That evening Young Archie, Come home from the sea
And asked one of his maidens, where Jeannie might be
She has destroyed her life sir, because she loved thee
She destroyed her life, for the love of Archie D

Oh this is a pity, oh this is a sin
Please take me to the chamber, that my darling died in
Then she led him to the chamber, where Jean Gordon lay
He kissed her pale lips, as cold as the clay
Saying I always intended, to make her my wife
Then he kneeled down by the side of her, and ended his own life