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Posted By: Jeri
23-Nov-20 - 09:57 AM
Thread Name: Vietnam era protest songs
Subject: RE: Vietnam era protest songs
Jack has redeeming qualities. it's very kind of him, that even though "I could never summon up any interest in this stuff", he still wrote two paragraphs.

Unfortunately, I grew up in the USA, I know English, a teeny bit of French, and a smattering of a few other languages. No Vietnamese, though. Not other than "di di mao", anyway.

protest songs in Vietnamese? Who would have heard them? Who would have learned them and sung them? Were they North or South Vietnamese song? It was a stupid, stupid war. I'm not sure we haven't done something similar in Afghanistan, but there re no jungles there to hide in. I don't know if there are songs. I think that war might've started with a decent motivation. Vietnam was political grab-ass. It was about how scared we were of communism.

The songs have probably been listed like mad already.
It IS remarkable that this was the first 22 Nov I'm aware of that nobody mentioned Kennedy.