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Posted By: Bill D
23-Nov-20 - 07:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: The weird year that was 2020
Subject: RE: BS: The weird year that was 2020
SNL has not been 'really' funny for several years... except for a few skits parodying Trump and his cohorts. I usually don't bother with it.
I DO miss the heyday of Monty Python and Blackadder and saw 'most' of Blackadder a few years ago when NPR ran them.. not always in order.
   Humo(u)r, however you spell it, is always a touchy topic. I know a couple of intelligent, nice guys who seem to favor jokes common with adolescent boys that I didn't find funny when I was their age. I even watch 'classic' comedy like The 3 Stooges and the Marx Brothers with reservations. They were innovative, but so often mean and crude in their depiction of women and minorities.
   These days it seems that American stand-up comedians feel bound to include a lot of sexual humor that is way too 'heavy'. (yes, Benny Hill was seen over here many years ago and it was 'cleverly' smarmy.)
   Most humor has always been based on discomfort or embarrassment or ridicule of 'someone', and this can be done with varying degrees of subtleness and taste, especially when the butt is some ethnic or racial group. I have seen some jokes that were VERY creative and clever, but hateful and nasty. It ain't easy..