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24-Nov-20 - 09:36 PM
Thread Name: Stinson Records Revisted
Subject: RE: Stinson Records Revisted
Too much background to the Milt Gabler interviews that follow:

Surprise! Record companies have no clue what makes a successful song. And so the usual problems of over-supply of the 'bad' and shortages of the 'good' down at the consumer level.

As long as the original metal work holds up, one can always repress another lot of the good stuff. But… what to do with all the clinkers? Columbia's solution was to allow dealers to return a portion of their “remainders” for a factory discount or credit on new orders.

The worst of the worst will have their paper center labels steamed off and the shellac body recycled into new records.

The best of them can be redistributed back into any niche markets where they did sell well and/or given a “bargain” discount in higher volume locations. This is where honest operators like Charlie Stinson and Milt Gabler came in.

New problem: Record companies couldn't tell how many times any one record had been returned for factory credit. Dealers soon noticed the cheapest “bargain bin” inventory was actually worth more for its company/dealer wholesale credit on "hot" new releases than it was on the open retail market. Round and round she goes.

The record company response was what Milt Gabler will be refering to as the “cut out” but that phrase won't turn up until the 1950s and LPs.

Upon return LP jackets, cassette and CD cases get notched or drilled or otherwise defaced so they cannot be returned again. If you have a music collection of any size chances are good you own a few.