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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
26-Nov-20 - 09:28 AM
Thread Name: Kevin McGrath blowing the whistle
Subject: RE: Kevin McGrath blowing the whistle
Hullo people. No, I am still going. My wife came in and told me I had some birthday greetings on Facebook, which I rarely look at, because I can't really make much sense of how to navigate it (and I don't trust it either.) So I saw Kitty's message.

I'd completely missed seeing this thread. My visits here are less often these days. A lot of the people I used to have arguments with seem to have moved in. Banned in some cases I assume, or died, like Keith of Hertford. (In real life he was a lot quieter and more affable than his Mudcat persona.I disagreed with him profoundly on all kinds of stuff, but I never mind that. I can't understand why so many people seem to feel you have to hate the people you are fighting, whether its words, or real fighting for that matter. Being angry spoils your Aim.)

Anyway this thread is a lovely and unexpected birthday present. Thank you to the people who have said such nice things about me. And even more, about my songs.
I should be able to dig out some of those little songbooks I put together, and can let people have them. And there are a fair number of lyrics printed in postsI've made here over the years.

Right now I'm locked up in this modified House Arrest because of The Covid Crisis. I don't feel that ancient, but for Covid purposes I fall into the most vulnerable slot. So no more pub sessions till the vaccines