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Posted By: Donuel
28-Nov-20 - 07:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Subject: BS: The other pandemic
NYT best seller on the pandemic

Government denial of the disease was tied to the sedition act and jailed publishers. They were allowed to print only positive messages like wear a mask. This may be why there is no literaure from those times.

Hemmoragic symptoms of bleeding from the eyes and mouth and a dark pallor made determining race unlikely. Psychosis was also a symptom.
Woodrow Wilson had those symptoms while in France and attending peace treaty talks.

Old people were vitually immune, kids under 5 had death rates equal to all causes of death over 20 years. People 18 to 45 had the next highest death rate.

People knew it was not the flu. The book uses the disease event records in many US cities and how Philly and San Fran fought back.