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Posted By: Nigel Parsons
30-Nov-20 - 07:20 AM
Thread Name: Music Workshop (BBC Schools) - contents
Subject: RE: Music Workshop (BBC Schools) - contents
Sherlock Holmes and the Rogues’ Gallery (1994 Autumn, 1996 Autumn) Illustrator Matilda Harrison
The Auctioneer
The Art Gallery
Gawping in the Goldhawk Road
Won’t you buy my pretty flowers?
The Baker Street Irregulars
A Policeman’s Lot
Oh Mr Porter
The Waiting Game
Eliminate the impossible

We’ll meet again (1998 Summer, 2000 Summer, 2001 Summer, 2003 Summer, 2005 Autumn, 2009 Summer)
We’ll meet again
Kiss me Goodnight, Sergeant Major
Quartermaster’s Store
Hey Little Hen!
Goodnight Sweetheart
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Sing As We Go

Treasure Island (2006 Spring, 2007 Autumn) Music by David Chilton, illustrations Frances Castle
Skull and crossbones
Jim’s blues
Little bit of rum
Ben Gunn
Jimmy be good
Punto nero