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Posted By: rich-joy
02-Dec-20 - 05:20 AM
Thread Name: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
Subject: RE: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
C’mon, you know it had to happen :

The Sheik of Scrubby Creek

Chad Morgan (Chadwick William Morgan)

Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur

All the Shelias think I'm handsome
Their father's think I'm mad
Their mother's think I'm a villain
But I'm just a loveable lad

I'm loved by the poor and the wealthy
Loved by the good and the bad
Loved by the fat and the skinny
Because I'm a loveable lad

Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur

Now I've been chased by fathers
With shotguns of all kinds
And you can tell where they have aimed
By the mark that's left behind

I don't know why they do it
Cause I'm not really bad
I just chase their daughters
Because I'm a loveable lad

Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur

It's a dangerous game I'm playing
You've gotta be quick to last
When you're at the wrong end of a shotgun
You run quick or cop the full blast

You'll never see me linger
Where there are sour old tarts
And you can tell where I have been
By the trail of broken hearts

So parents do take warning
And heed what I say
Keep your daughters out of sight
When I come round your way

For the say I'm just like Casanova
I drink I smoke I swear
They say I'm the Sheik of Scrubby Creek
But I don't care...

Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur Rur

A popular radio song of my childhood from the early 1950s : I recall my brother and I walking around singing the dog-howl refrain at top volume (as you do), and most likely annoying the hell out of our poor, long-suffering Mother!!

Here is an edited early clip of this most famous “Aussie Hillbilly” song which was played at the Australian Country Music awards in 2010, before Chad's Lifetime Achievement Award presentation.

Well, it has been said that Australia is unsurpassed in its passion for Novelty Songs!!   Hmmmmm …..

However, Chad wasn’t a “one hit wonder” and has many other recordings to his name and a lifetime of touring the regional and outback country circuits. Interestingly, this much-loved entertainer has been having something of a Performance Renaissance – and headlining at big Folk and Country Festivals in recent (well, pre-Covid) years – making new generations of fans at 87 years old!!!

In 2011, a documentary was made about Chad’s life, entitled “I’m Not Dead Yet” :

But here he is dueting with John Williamson, in “Country Balladeer” :

And here with Shane Howard in 2016 in “The Ballad of Bill & Eva” (aka Kullillee Woman and Wakka Wakka Man)