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Posted By: rich-joy
05-Dec-20 - 01:20 AM
Thread Name: Mudcat Australia/NZ Songbook
Subject: RE: Rise Up Mudcat Songbook - Australia
Yes Stew, “my beloved WA” can be all that and more!! Interesting to see Warren’s reprinting of Hesperian’s extensive research of “Ode to Westralia”!!   :)

Your first link (to the tune) is a page in the “Museum of Performing Arts” taken from an “unknown publication”, which of course, any Oz Folkie could have told them : it is a page torn from John Lahey’s worthy compilation : ”Great Australian Folks Songs” !! But they don’t ask us, do they? ….. sigh …..

I was happy to spend my formative years in Perth, with a few holidays in the southern “Eastern States” and eventually the obligatory – and very welcome – 3 years overseas.   
I left The Family and WA “for the last time” in 1983, heading for the magical unknown of Queensland – and very happily got side-tracked by 10 wonderful years in Darwin, meeting many memorable folks (including your very good self, haha!)   
And though Qld’s been good, as an aging widowed pensioner (cue violins), I find it passing strange that I now have an increasing ‘yearn to return’ to WA - despite(?!) The Family mostly being gone. Is this what happens in older age???
Well, it probably won’t come to much. For one thing, ya still need plenty of moolah to Rest in the West!!!

“A Small Book of Ballads” by the NLA was a good find – must be tons of stuff squirreled away in Institutions that the citizenry should know more about, eh.


PS   I'll send you Sandra's latest Song Listing soon ....