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Posted By: leeneia
05-Dec-20 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Language Pet Peeves
Subject: RE: BS: Language Pet Peeves
"Begs the question." I looked it up.
Begging the question means "to elicit a specific question as a reaction or response," and can often be replaced with "a question that begs to be answered." However, a lesser used and more formal definition is "to ignore a question under the assumption it has already been answered." The phrase itself comes from a translation of an Aristotelian phrase rendered as "beg the question" but meaning "assume the conclusion."
Hmm. All this time I thought "beg the question" meant "ignore the question." Now I see that the phrase means so many different things that from now on I intend not to use it.

Meself, whatever people are saying, "on behalf of" means for the benefit of, or in the place of.