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07-Dec-20 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: Stinson Records Revisted
Subject: RE: Stinson Records Revisted
“Genuine” Soviet New York Fair 78rpm pressings were retailed directly at the Fair and on 5th Street in New York City by Bookniga; and elsewhere by others, most of them government fronts. If anybody had the franchise, it was the Soviets themselves. And then...

Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact: August, 1939
Invasion of Poland: September, 1939 – October, 1939
Winter War: November, 1939 – March, 1940
Operation Barbarossa: June, 1941
Pearl Harbor: December, 1941

For the first two years of the War in Europe, and for the duration in the Pacific, the Soviets might as well have been Nazis. Nothing new, living in Kiev, the entire Prosky family would have experienced the suppression of 1905 Russian Revolution as a pogrom, regardless of their individual politics.

The Soviet N.Y. Fair pavilion was razed at the close of the 1939 season. They never reopened. Bookniga was closed by the U.S. authorities as a Soviet front. It eventually reopened as The Four Continents and no less fronty.

The leftover Soviet 78rpm inventory was sold for scrap. The buyer was, of course, Irving Prosky & the Stinson Trading Co.