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Posted By: Steve Shaw
10-Dec-20 - 01:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: What is the best chocolate?
Subject: RE: BS: What is the best chocolate?
I too was once given a bar of Hershey's and, frankly, had I had my eyes shut I might have doubted that it was chocolate at all. Horrible stuff. Maybe it just didn't travel well.

I'm not a fan of those very bitter dark chocolates, the sorts with 70%+ cocoa solids. I find them to be as enjoyable as taking medicine. Neither can I bear chocolate that's got weird additives such as chilli or ginger or rum. I find fruit and nut types, or just nut, very agreeable. Milk chocolate of around 40% cocoa solids can be very nice. Green and Blacks do a nice one. There's one with almond bits in it from that source that I'm particularly fond of. Cadbury's recently brought one out called Dark Milk, which is excellent. Any yank telling me that Cadbury's is rubbish is just having a laugh. Ordinary Cadbury's Milk is not too unpleasant, a bit too sweet and bland, but if it's all I've got I'll scoff it enthusiastically. And anything chocolatey that comes out of a tin of Quality Street will do me. Especially the purple job.