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Posted By: Steve Shaw
12-Dec-20 - 05:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: What is the best chocolate?
Subject: RE: BS: What is the best chocolate?
Anyone remember Fry's Five Boys? Solid chocolate bar in five segments, each with the face of the same boy embossed on it but with different expressions signifying his growing anticipation of getting the chocolate. The expressions (L-R) supposedly represented Desperation, Pacification, Expectation, Acclamation, Realization (not my spelling). The faces were taken from photos of a real boy taken in 1885. They were pretty scary! Unavailable since 1976...

Speaking of Fry's, I lament the disappearance of the boxes of Turkish Delight chocs you used to be able to get. They were my go-to for fussy Mrs Steve's birthday, anniversary and Christmas. She's a terror for rapidly devouring all the best picks from a box of chocs, leaving only the mushy and relatively disgusting strawberry (etc.) creme types for the rest of us. But Turkish delights always kept her happy.