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Posted By: Rapparee
13-Dec-20 - 08:44 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Last night one of the Idaho Legion Fortresses was attacked by the forces of the Galactic Overlord (who is now styling itself as the "Multidimensional Intergalactic Overlord"). As you can see, they used a cloaking device to attack from a direction other than that which the Multifocal Incinerator Beamcaster was pointing. Fortunately it was possible to rapidly swing the 'caster and destroy the attacking fleet. This has led to a lawsuit in the Extreme Court of Mercy charging the Legion with "Unwarranted Ugly Behavior Against the MIO" and asking that time be rolled back and the whole incident redone.

The Legion isn't having any of it and asked that the case be dismissed "With Extreme Prejudice And Then Some."