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Posted By: Steve Shaw
16-Dec-20 - 11:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Liberation Day!
Subject: RE: BS: Liberation Day!
The half-baked pandemic strategies and contradictory public advice comes from politicians. Vaccines come from brilliant scientific endeavour. Your worries are being addressed as we speak; the trials we've heard about are by no means the last word on the vaccines. An injected vaccine is foreign material introduced into the body. It's the immune system's job to react accordingly. In a small minority of cases the reaction is inappropriately large. You can react to gluten, to E102, to lactose, to rosewood dust, to dust mite poo. Or not. It's all about risk, which if you're worried, needs to be calculated. Nothing like as risky as catching coronavirus. The vaccines approved so far have tested safe. We live in a neurotic world in which tiny risks are bigged up into panic-station scares. Let's not do that. Vaccines are safe for nearly everybody, and I don't think it's especially appropriate to air our perfectly legitimate personal worries to the whole world (or even just Mudcat). We need as many people to be vaccinated as is humanly possible, right?