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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
16-Dec-20 - 12:44 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

Not making it back to Beaver until we can lave together for Christmas and, hopefully New Year, break. I meant to go on 9th but the heat was off. It went off again yesterday. and was on this morning! I suggested a furnace repair person and R countered with, Dan knows... But Dan is not here and it is not functioning correctly. Now being blamed on the new thermostat - very ordinary - that R finally installed the first time it came back on. Und so weiter!

AT minus 16 Celsius I was not prepared to bring in more - needed - wood. When I said that, R offered and did! It is SO much easier for him! Even with the heat ON, the wood stove adds an extra warmth when I am sitting with computer or book. And R always comments on it when he gets home after a 8-12 hour work day - sometimes outside but never in a warm building. Genteel living it is not - with warming/drying wood stacked on the nice hearth all around the lovely little stove, behind the very nice antique fender! And time to clean the floor again! The two "bowser" stuffies add character of their own at each end of the hearth - where dogs love to be.

Something someone wrote yesterday reminded me of something... have to go back and re-read! The point being that I get reminders and ideas from you guys! Almost two hours on phone with apple help and some times with whidbey telecom tech support seems to have sorted out my email problems, that have been annoying since July. My APD and other brain fogs make these phone calls a trial and tribulation that I avoid until I can't take it anymore. The last straw was an email that looked suspicious and said 3 emails could not be sent. It was a phishing. So, I felt justified, and since then Whidbey has sent me two emails with lists of things they consider spam so I have to sort through those and figure out the instructions. Most of them were not or... maybe I will take a closer look.

I have deleted some senders recently. I don't mind ones asking for donations - which they will not get - if they also provide interesting info. With my limited income, if I feel I can donate it is to groups I know near Beaver (Bancroft), a small community where I can see the real needs of real people.

The huge pot of chili I made on Monday is so hot I cannot eat it and R certainly cannot! Is it possible that chili powder gets hotter! I thought I put in the right amount but it tastes like twice.. I had not put in all the beans so added some of the HOT to the remaining beans - even that is hot but tolerable - for me. What do do with 5 qts of super hot chili is ...??? ... add a whole lot of cooked rice... or potatoes... make more beans and then have ten qts of hot chili. I shall try some of each. Later today when I hope to be more awake. I already filled a 7 cup glass container and froze it. Manana... "my father said that I should learn to make a chili pot, but then I burnt the house down, the chili was too hot! Manana......"

The plants are watered, dishes under control -- floor needs a sweep and a load of laundry might be useful. Maybe a nap, too.