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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
18-Dec-20 - 08:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Liberation Day!
Subject: RE: BS: Liberation Day!
I'd think it likely that anyone with Long Covid would probability have immunity already and wouldn't need a vaccine. Though they aren't sure about how long immunity lasts from Covid or from the vaccine. It's still early days.

For people in Ebbie's position, if she can't take the caccine, the hope is that enough people will have had a vaccine or had Covid to mean there's herd immunity, and not much risk of getting a dose.

The threat is that there will be too many anti-vaxers to achieve that. One thing to set against that, especially for those who combine that with scorning wearing masks or respecting distancing, is that they will have a higher chance of getting infected, and contributing to us all getting herd immunity, but doing it the hard way.

As for me, I've just come back from having the jab. No side effects at all, so far, just the slightest weakness in the shoulder where it was given.. So it's one month, and I can get down to the pub and play music with people. If the pubs are open by that time, of course.

I've been thinking of the day my mother picked me up from infant school and told me the War was over, and I ran up and down the pavement cheering, which I felt was the appropriate thing to do. I didn't do that this time - well, for most people the war is still on. But there's not too long to go.