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Posted By: Mrrzy
19-Dec-20 - 06:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stories we wrote
Subject: BS: Stories we wrote
Ebbie's post on the Renaissance thread made me wonder, what other stories have we written?

I illustrated a story / wrote a graphic story when I was about 11 in Côte dcIvoire.

In the story, a kid is eavesdropping on their big sister and sister's boyfriend; kid hears sister exclaim Oh look, peeks around corner, sees two little snakes coming in from the garden. Boyfriend turns around to look but one snake bites him before he realizes what is going on. He leaps up, knocking over his chair which falls one one of the snakes, crushing it, and keels over, dead. Sister is weeping and wailing but kid notices the other snake has crawled away into the garden and now coming back with an unusual herb in its mouth. It crawls over to the dead snake, places the herbs in the dead snake's mouth, and lo and behold, the snake cimes back to life. Kid points this out to sister, and the two run into the garden to find the herb. Sister brings it back, places it into her dead boyfriend's mouth...

...and he tirns into a live, human-sized snake.