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Posted By: DMcG
21-Dec-20 - 04:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit & other UK political topics
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit & other UK political topics
anyone know much about the new variant of covid in the uk

I don't think anyone in the general public does yet, Sandman. All we know is that it is easier to catch (which means its R value is much higher, which means it will double in much less time.) But beyond that, there is little information.

I feel unhappily confident that a national lockdown will be needed by the end of January at the latest. Although France and other countries are saying the halt of lorries etc is for 48 hours I very much doubt it. The 48 hours is merely to work out what to do and will be followed by a longer blockade either in total or for less essential goods. So we might find foodstuffs, for example, much less readily available than we are used to.

Moreover, I expect such blockades to spread. Other countries do not want the new strain, and I think many will take similar actions on passenger flights, for example. Goods are rather less of an issue simply because fewer people are moving into and out of the UK.

The essential difference between New Zealand, Asia and much of the rest of the southern hemisphere when compared to the UK and the rest of Europe, is that they took it very seriously on day 1 and we did not. I get the impression Europe is attempting to learn that lesson with the new strain. Whether they can do so effectively while the old strain is still active is another matter, but it looks like they are trying.