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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
21-Dec-20 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

I asked R early this am if we were going to Beaver on Weds and got a clear affirmative! This last week I have been in a mood; suffering Beaver deprivation because I did not go on 9th. I must remember this and do what I need to do in the new year. But, if I had not stayed, he would not have done anything about the furnace and I would have come back Saturday to no heat, he having worked and stayed in the city, not even thought about the furnace, and the poor plants. I am annoyed.

The chili: one large container in freezer. One qt I have eaten with rice and veggies - and survived. The remaining two will get the addition of rice and another large can of stewed tomatoes. I had to make a trip to the store for the tomatoes and other items. Building myself up to go do the two stores takes mental/emotional energy ao when I arrived at the produce store at the usual time -half hour before closing - and it was closed - it threw me for a loop. I managed the grocery store with its usual half dozen customers and enough helpful staff to find things.

Mainly, a nod to Christmas, I wanted a turkey. There were no choices - what you see is what there is so I bought one that said "cook while frozen". I decided to cook it yesterday, according to the chart attached. What a mess! I put it in last year's "disposable" pan, more than the requested "3 inches deep" and then on a large cookie sheet. After the stipulated time, I removed it from the oven - the skin crisp, and the rest falling apart.

OK, so I separated it into dark in one container, white in a large bowl as I was stymied/stunned! The deeper pan was set to overflow in spite of have removed quite a bit as I saw "the waters rising"! There was some on the cookie sheet as well. Two cleaning jobs! However, even though not being able to stuff it was a disappointment and it certainly was not suitable for the ritual of "carving the turkey", it was cleared away in short order and the juice saved for soup. This was both annoying and rewarding, I guess. I still need a trip to produce store for veggies to take with us as the store in Bancroft is too crowded - and by the time we get there, there might not be much left!

This morning, after giving R porridge for BF, I sorted out the turkey and rice and cooked veggies AND moved a frig shelf to make it more efficient. Been wanting to do that for awhile - an energy thing - mine! All the planned overs are neatly arranged and stacked in glass containers - and the pot of turkey juice is on the stove waiting to be made into soup - during my next energy burst.

#2 son phoned Sat and we had one of the best phone calls in recent years. I gave him custody of the family photo albums about 5 years ago, by default because when I asked for them back, he was not finished with them. Apparently, he has moved all to his computer. Could he send me that pic of his GF? Sure! He uses it as his screensaver! My Dad on his Harley 1929! (was in the H-D newsletter that year!) I want to send it to someone and cannot find it on my computer. He sent me a bunch of pics, couple of some stranger, a few of my mother - NO thank you!, a couple others, but no father. Taun was still in utero when my dad died. I have written a short piece about my father and sent it to the "boys" a few weeks ago, incomplete as I keep thinking of more - like his motorcycle days. Will send it to grands also. This son is the family archivist, even uses Ancestry. He informs there is a "sibling facetime call each month two sons and their half sister and adopted sister; I feel a bit jealous but glad he is connected. One (half) sister was awol for about 30 years; they re-connected with delight about 15 years ago, via his efforts. She and her family are in France. At least two of her four kids have Cherokee names. I met her and she reminds me so much of her mom who, unfortunately for her, married my ex.

Now, resting after K efforts, wood fire burbling - so glad we have it! I need to prepare for snow removal - about 3 inches - front and back. MAYBE bring more wood from yard to deck.

Even with half rice, the chile is barely tolerable! I may be eating it for the next five years. with yogurt. So soup and something with chili still need attention.