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Posted By: Donuel
21-Dec-20 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Stories we wrote
Subject: RE: BS: Stories we wrote
Deep in the bowels of the US Capitol, the sub basement had a foul waft of sewerage. McConnel was leading incantations from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Mitch did not know he was reading the Dedication. Except for Romney in a suit, all the High Reichical Senators were dressed in hooded cloaks and reverentially repeating everything Mitch said 5 syllables at a time. You could hear a flag pin drop when Mitch stopped.    Mitch slowly squeezed a resounding whoopee cushion and after the pause began slowly "Fellow loyal Trumpists... the time has come...the body of Donald Trump has died...but even death doth die...We are here to restore the master to the Presidency and Transform der Leader into...Dark Trump the Vanquisher! ...long may he reign. "Repeat after me; Hushmon Knee con kartush emon zer schwinefelt"... Senators repeat chant, "Hushmoney con, car tushy, Seinfeld".

A mile away the Lincoln Memorial began to darken and Abe appeared to try and stand...