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Thread Name: Lyr Req: You ladies all both great and small
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: You ladies all both great and small
From Mainly Norfolk; The Wilson Family sang Cheshire May Day Song on their 2009 CD A Grey Lock or Two. They noted: Pete & Chris Coe are responsible for all the hard work in tracking down and arranging this song back in the seventies and we have them to thank for allowing us to 'borrow' it. What makes it unique within its genre is that the litany of names, to whom praises are offered, are all of old Cheshire families. The tune is more commonly associated with The Painful Plough.

Cheshire May Song

The Wilsons - eventually - sing the Cheshire May Day Song.

All on this pleasant morning, together come are we,
To tell you of a blossom that hangs on every tree.
We have stayed up all evening to welcome in the day,
Good people all, both great and small, it is the first of May.

Rise up the master of this house, put on your chain of gold,
And turn unto your mistress, so comely to behold.
Rise up the mistress of this house, with gold upon your breast,
And if your body be asleep, we hope your souls are dressed.

Oh rise up Mister Wilbraham, all joys to you betide.
Your horse is ready saddled, a-hunting for to ride.
Your saddle is of silver, your bridle of the gold,
Your wife shall ride beside you, so lovely to behold.

Oh rise up Mister Edgerton and take your pen in hand,
For you're a learned scholar, as we do understand.
Oh rise up Mrs. Stoughton, put on your rich attire,
For every hair upon your head shines like the silver wire.

Oh rise up the good housekeeper, put on your gown of silk,
And may you have a husband good, with twenty cows to milk.
And where are all the pretty maids that live next door to you,
Oh they have gone to bathe themselves, all in the morning dew.

God bless your house and arbour, your riches and your store.
We hope the Lord will prosper you, both now and ever more.
So now we're going to leave you, in peace and plenty here,
We shall not sing this song again, until another year.

Good people all, both great and small, it is the first of May.