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06-Jan-21 - 03:18 AM
Thread Name: Stinson Records Revisted
Subject: RE: Stinson Records Revisted
Soviet cinema in America got the same FBI treatment as books & records. Party distributor Amkino was busted for failing to register as foreign agents.

Same as the rest, they reopened, as Artkino at the same Seventh Avenue, NY address. The new man at the top was American-born Nicola Napoli (1905–1982.) Unlike everybody else, Napoli was a holdover from the Soviet Amkino organization; perhaps owing to his being everybody's double agent.

“In 1941, he became an informant for the secret information concerning formulas and products manufactured by Dupont Corporation of America.” [wiki]

On a similar note, Soviet spy ringleader Arthur (Aleksandrovich) Adams (1885–1969) was on Eric Bernay's payroll as Keynote Recording's, ahem... “plastics consultant.” Bernay would aid & abet at least one of Adam's failed escape attempts before the latter eventually gave the Yanks the slip in 1946.

Adams/Bernay/Keynote also brought in busted Soviet agent Irving Lerner (1909–1976) from the Motion Picture Division of the United States Office of War Information after Lerner's cover was blown in his attempt to photograph the Manhattan Project's cyclotron at UC-Berkeley.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, for Stinson Trading Company was Artkino's American-born huckster-publicist extraordinaire Noel Meadow (Leon Blumenfeld)(1906–1968.) Because Leon is Noel bass ackwards and a blumenfeld is another word for a flowery meadow. :::rimshot::: More on him to follow.