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Posted By: Áine
01-Mar-01 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: Song Challenge! Part 49
Subject: RE: SONG CHALLENGE! Part 49
Dear Challenge!rs,

Sorry it took me so long to award the Cow Chips this time -- I'm still catching up with emails, PMs, and of course, the new Storytellers' Page in the Songbook.

So, here ya go -- Congrats, cudos and thanks to all of you intrepid Challenge!rs who chose to 'run with the bull' on this one ;-) And somehow, the Golden Cow Chip seemed, oh, I dunno, just so appropos as an award this time . . . Stay tuned for the next Challenge! coming soon!

Winners of the Golden Cow Chip Award with Shamrock Cluster (The Shamrock Cluster is awarded for a very high level of imagination, imagery, and/or creative use of language in a song):
Cows Can't Fly by Gray Rooster
Hamburger in the Sky by Trapper
It's Raining Beef! by MMario

Winners of the Golden Cow Chip Award with Harp Ribbon (The Harp Ribbon is given for being able to make The Keeper of the Book fall on the floor laughing OR make her short out her keyboard with tears):
A Cowardly Act by Roll&Go-C
The Bovine Bomber by Hawker
The Kamikaze Cow by Lonesome EJ
Oh Dear, Hereford Kamikaze by Scotsbard

Winners of the Golden Cow Chip Award with Guinness Crest (The Guinness Crest is awarded for causing both Harp Ribbon conditions within one song):
Americow Pie by Dharmabum
Comin' In On a Hoof and a Prayer by Pseudolus
Sukiyaki?? by Clifton53