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01-Mar-01 - 08:25 AM
Thread Name: HOW do you write your songs?
Subject: RE: BS: HOW do you write your songs?
...usually the songs come when there is pressure to be doing something else, like work. The process varies, but almost invariably the inspiration comes from something currently being listened to, or read, or a meaningful life experience. Most recently, the lyrics of Nick Drake's album Pink Moon were the inspiration to pen some of my own for a chord progression I aready had, while the chords to the chorus of Sheryl Crow's My Favorite Mistake, after some personal adulteration, fit nicely to some words bouncing around in my head. I don't tend to write anything down until the structure of the song is pretty well set; then I write it down on anything handy, with anything handy, wherever I happen to be. I learned it don't pay to deny the muse just because she visits at inopportune or inconvenient times.