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Posted By: The Sandman
09-Jan-21 - 02:38 PM
Thread Name: Sandman and Discussion of Dylan Songs
Subject: RE: WIGGLE WIGGLE (Dylan)
I am fine,Jeri, how are you?
I find it intriguing that Dylan can write songs like Masters of war, aand also wiggle wiggle.
Jeri, since when have critics, including music critics had to be able to write songs, play music or sing. I do not think I am dissing Dylan when i acknowledge that masters of war is a very good song.
Jeri, when i write quote
"anything wrong with talking about his worst songs, we have discussed some of his best. it puts in to perspective his songwriting someopne who can write masters of war, but can write drivel like wiggle wiggle, maybe he wrote it as a joke."
it is clear that i think Masters of War is good , it is clear that i am talking about inconsistency in standard BETWEEN THE TWO SONGS.
This is a music forum, Discussion of standard of consistency of Dylans songwriting is valid.